It was in 1989 that Willow Pond Ragdolls began producing some of the world’s most beautiful, well-adjusted Ragdolls. Linda Ingmanson proudly welcomes you to her wondrous Ragdoll cattery in Cheshire, Connecticut!

Soft silky coats, deep blue eyes and warm, docile temperaments are all present in every kitten which leaves this cattery. Willow Pond Ragdolls places careful attention to details and makes sure that their kittens are as friendly and loving as you expect them to be!
Through her breeding program, Linda has been able to produce truly unique Ragdolls. These little companions will come to you and follow you all over the place! Plus, they love to purr and show you their gorgeous, blue eyes.

With exceptionally sweet temperaments, Ragdoll kittens that leave Willow Pond are ready to be loved by people of all ages – including children.

Health and cleanliness are top priority at Willow Pond Ragdolls. Linda spends long hours making sure that her cattery remains clean and disease-free. As the reputable cattery that it is, Willow Pond Ragdolls has an excellent track record of customer satisfaction since the very beginning.

Linda’s breeding program is consistent with producing Ragdoll kittens of all patterns and colors. Years of breeding experience gives her an edge and assures you that Willow Pond is the clear choice when it comes picking a Ragdoll breeder!
Willow Pond Ragdolls can place that Ragdoll kitten of your dreams in your arms! And, you can be sure that Linda is as customer-focused, as she is knowledgeable – so you can shop with confidence! If you would like the sweetest Ragdoll kitten in the world to be yours, contact Willow Pond Ragdolls today!

Please Note: This breeder does not ship kittens. Also, kindly email Linda prior to calling for availability of kittens and to receive very informative literature regarding your Ragdoll kitten to be. All emails will be replied to promtply

Willow Pond Ragdolls is a Ragdoll Connection Network “Cattery of Excellence,” meeting our standards in breeding philosophy, cleanliness, providing a health guarantee on every kitten, and being customer-focused.