Page 4 of our Photo Gallery very nicely starts off with Vladimir and Estragon, pictured on the left!

Risa Gottlieb, their proud owner, tells us that they are both very intelligent and very loving. They even know how to play “fetch.” That is, of course, when they are not sound asleep, as shown here! Risa also owns a third Ragdoll, named, Casey but she does not like to be photographed!

On the right, you see a picture of the very adorable Sapphire, sent to us by proud owner, Sue Shorey. Sue describes Sapphire as being loveable, affectionate and being just plain great!

Sapphire is pictured at 6 months old. Sapphire shares the Shorey household with Max, a mix breed cat which underwent some spinal surgery recently. Sue tells us that Sapphire has been an exceptionally good companion to Max throughout all this.

Sue concludes that Sapphire is her first Ragdoll kitty, but will, most definitely, not be her last!

Here is the very relaxed and beautiful, Catrina, belonging to none other than Denyce Sanders! Catrina is shown here sitting over some important paperwork . . . you know, a cat’s work is never done!

In Denyce’s house, there are more cats than humans! Catrina is one of many other cats there. Although her competition is pretty stiff, Catrina wins here, at RCN, because she’s the only Ragdoll!

Catrina is calm at times, but other times runs around and keeps all the other cats in place. She loves to be admired but does not flaunt her graceful ways. And, she doesn’t bother Denyce very much. She leaves that job to the others!

From Lexington, Kentucky, here is Itty Bitty Baby, belonging to a very proud, Sara Jackson! Itty decorates our Photo Gallery with her beautiful coat and gorgeous, blue eyes!

Itty is a Hi-White Ragdoll. Mismarked but precious just the same, Itty likes to follow Sara all over her house! Sara tells us that she’s got the “Ragdoll bug” and will be getting another Ragdoll very soon! Itty represents a true blessing to the Jackson family, assures, Sara!

On your left is the gorgeous and irresistible, Snickers! Snickers belongs to Dena Williams who can’t say enough nice things about him!

Dena tells us that in addition to his remarkable good looks, Snickers is quite a host in the Williams’ household! Snickers likes to play some, eat some and sleep a lot! Also, Snickers loves to greet guests and loves to hang out at his favorite spot – at that top of the stairway keeping watch of whatever may be going on below!

Janet has a second, very special Ragdoll pictured on the right, Pixie!

Pixie is very quiet and docile. Pixie likes to become active at around midnight! At that time, the chase starts between Pixie and Snickers. Usually, Pixie starts the chase, which is unusual since Snickers weighs 6 pounds more than Pixie!

Steve Augustine sent us a picture of his “small bundle of Ragdoll energy and purrsonality,” Adol, pictured on the left!

Adol is definately in charge of the Augustine household. Nothing much happens there without his express approval. Adol loves to play-wrestle and carry on long conversations with humans! He also loves the entertainment room, as there are always warm laps to curl up on in front of the television!

“Oh no! Not you again, with that camera!!! And this time you caught me off-guard!” exclaims the very relaxed and beautiful Emma, on the right.

Pictured in a very popular Ragdoll position (on their backs, with all four paws up in the air), Emma belongs to Gina. Gina tells us that Emma is the most awesome cat she ever had! Emma likes quiet evenings, hanging out in Gina’s computer room!

Gina was very impressed by RCN and wanted her special Emma included here. So, here you are, Gina! Hopefully, Emma will be pleased with her debut, here in the RCN Photo Gallery!

Erica Stein is the lucky and proud owner of Samantha Roo, pictured on the left.

Samantha is pictured at 9 months old. She is a Bluepoint Ragdoll. Erica tells us that Samantha is a very large, huggable, gentle and quiet companion.

Samantha’s younger “sister” is a 2 year old Balinese; which, according to Erica is the opposite of Samantha! Somehow, we don’t have a difficult time believing that . . . remember, after all, this is a Ragdoll cat page!