Moon Valley Ragdolls

Imagine this: That long-awaited day arrives and you bring home your very own Ragdoll kitty. Several days pass and you start to realize that the kitty you have brought home is everything a Ragdoll kitty is supposed to be and more! This kitty is gentle, yet full of energy to play.

Your kitty wants to keep you company all the time! And, best of all, the breeder you purchased it from is just a phone call away . . . and that breeder is Kelly DeBats of Moon Valley Ragdolls!

Billings, Montana is the home of Moon Valley Ragdolls and Kelly DeBats is the residing deity of this wonderful cattery. Here, you will find a very special breeding program. Kelly prides herself with producing large, handsome, yet very huggable, gentle Ragdolls.

A visit to Moon Valley immediately gives you the impression of perfection, cleanliness, and . . . family! The kittens are raised with the rest of the family and have full run of the house. Kelly makes sure that by the time you get a kitten, it will be all ready and warm for love and affection (both to receive and give).

“Wonderful,” “sweet,” and “well-adjusted” are words commonly used to describe the kittens of Moon Valley. Kelly is an excellent source of information. Her work with cats is extensive. She has been breeding cats for close to 6 years now. She has been breeding Ragdoll cats for the latter 3 years and comments that she instantly fell in love with the breed’s ability to show affection and love. Kelly has experience in breeding British Shorthairs.

A Ragdoll kitten from Moon Valley will change your life forever! The sweet dispositions these kittens have will melt your heart away. You can be sure that any kitten that leaves Moon Valley will be the gentle, playful and affectionate “baby” you expect in a Ragdoll kitten!