Longfellow Ragdolls

Olympia, Washington is the home of Longfellow Ragdolls! Kristie Long and her wonderful crew of precious Ragdoll treasures welcome you!

Dedication, love and attention to details all describe Kristie’s work throughout the years to develop the special breeding program she now enjoys. Longfellow Ragdolls started out in 1995 and has developed an excellent reputation for premium, huggable and fluffy Ragdoll kittens.

The beauty, grace and handsomeness that is manifested by all of Longfellow’s kittens cannot be completely described in words. Large sizes, deeper eye colors and full coats are traits that Kristie’s breeding program has successfully improved in the past years.

All of the kittens that leave Longfellow Ragdolls have a special, loving temperament that will capture your heart within seconds! Playful and energetic, Kristie assures that all kittens are socialized well before leaving the cattery. These kittens will always want to be with you!

A Ragdoll kitten from Longfellow Ragdolls will bring into your home a sense of joy, warmth, and love. If you’re looking for a special companion who is playful, beautiful and graceful, contact Kristie today! Registered with TICA, CFA, and RFCI, Longfellow Ragdolls is the clear choice as the source for your special Ragdoll baby!