You are learning about the Ragdoll cat breed. You have made an excellent choice. Welcoming a Ragdoll kitten into your home may be a serious consideration soon. Your life will never be the same! Ragdoll kittens bring with them energy, joy, life, and peace – all wrapped-up in a cuddly package of soft fur, with two gorgeous blue gems to appreciate you with!
There are many things to consider when shopping for a Ragdoll kitten. You have taken a very important, positive first step by visiting the Ragdoll Connection Network. Your next best step is to consult our online Breeder Referral System.

Dealing with the breeders listed there gives you the assurance that you are dealing with reputable, dedicated and concerned people who legitimately care about the breed, your needs, and the life of this web page itself.

You will be able to shop with confidence here, indeed! There are several things you should keep in mind before you contact a breeder or take the next step. This segment will help “fine tune” your decision. It will also make you a more informed consumer, as you contact the various breeders.

Cost . . .

How much will your Ragdoll kitten cost you? This will vary from breeder to breeder and from state to state. There is no set standard when it comes to pricing. Each breeder will determine the price of a kitten based on two main things: whether the kitten is marked as a “pet quality” kitten or a “show quality” kitten.

Show quality kittens are more expensive. These are kittens that have the markings of an ideal, perfect Ragdoll (according to set standards). Show quality kittens are usually sold for breeding purposes.

Pet quality kittens are less costly because of several reasons: one, these kittens are not perfectly marked to closely meet the standards for showing or breeding. The second reason pet quality kittens are less costly is because there are more of them per litter. It is important to understand that pet quality kittens are perfectly normal, healthy Ragdolls. What makes them “imperfect” are usually minor markings in their coats, or nose, or tail, etc.

The temperaments of pet quality kittens and show quality kittens are the same. They are Ragdolls; and a white spot on its nose or tail, will not change that fact! Ragdolls are all gentle, affectionate cats . . . show quality and pet quality alike!

The price range for a pet quality kitten is currently in the area of $400 to $800. Again, this is not a standard, nor is any breeder held to these figures. These figures should merely give you an idea of what you may hear as you proceed.
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Can I Get A Ragdoll Kitten For $20?
No. It is nearly impossible to get a Ragdoll kitten anywhere for less than $400. In fact, ask questions if any breeder quotes you anything below $400. That is a sign that something may be seriously wrong!

Keep in mind that what may sound like a large amount of money for a kitten, really breaks down to very little profit for a breeder, when all is said and done. Breeders have many expenses including: kitten food, veterinary charges, vaccinations, health certificates, special housing expenses for breeding, expenses associated with marketing their catteries, litter supplies and sanitary supplies . . . as well as telephone bills (just to mention a few)! On average, a breeder makes about $20 per kitten when all the expenses are taken into consideration.

Remember, too, that breeders wish to place their precious kittens in the best homes. Keeping Ragdolls out of shelters and pet stores is a main concern within the breeding circle. Be ready to pay for that. When you approach a breeder about a kitten, you should be ready to pay and also care for that kitten. It takes responsibility and ability to keep that kitten well attended to for a lifetime.

While most breeders have set payment structures, they are also flexible about payment plans. Good communication and the development of trust will be the key factors here. Remember, Ragdoll breeders want to place their kittens in loving homes. To meet this goal, most of them will allow some provisions for payment arrangements.

Don’t let the price of a Ragdoll kitten hold you back from getting one. Any present Ragdoll owner will attest to you that they are worth their weight in gold!

No RCN Breeders In Your Area?

This will be less of an issue in the future as our Breeder List grows, but if there is no breeder listed with us in your immediate area, please contact the one listed that is closest to you. Most of the breeders online are able to ship kittens using a very safe, proven method.

Please speak to the breeders you contact in a candid, friendly manner. Don’t hold back any questions. Be sure to mention that you’re an RCN reader. You will “feel” when you have found the right breeder for you. Enjoy your search. And have fun during your quest! Keep us posted on your new arrival!