Hemlock Trails is an enchanting cattery in Old Lyme, Connecticut. Barbara and her husband Howie have an excellent reputation for breeding quality Ragdolls. Their cattery has recently expanded to a state-of-the-arts quality site.
Heather, Grand Champion of Hemlock Trails

The breeding program that Barbara has in place at Hemlock Trails is truly amazing. This cattery has done an exceptional job at improving their bloodline’s eye quality and coat. Here, you will see the fluffiest Ragdolls around!

Barbara is totally devoted to her breeding program and cats. In addition to breeding Ragdolls, Hemlock Trails has experience in breeder horses and dogs in the past. Hemlock Trails is a large operation but it is maintained exceptionally well. This cattery has been producing Ragdoll kittens for over 23 years!

The cattery is clean, well ventilated and very lively. The cats are all over the place – and kittens are available all year round, so you will not have to wait long to get your kitten.

Hemlock Trails is registered with TICA. When you call Barbara, you will find her to be very pleasant and helpful.

Hemlock Trails ships cats internationally, with their kittens being loved in Germany, Italy, China and many other European countries. If you are looking for an experienced breeder, look no further than Hemlock Trails.

When you visit Hemlock Trails, you will be talking about it for months to follow! Suggestion: bring along a camera! There is so much to see. The most difficult part about visiting Hemlock Trails is having to leave without a Ragdoll kitten!

Hemlock Trails Cattery is a Ragdoll Connection Network “Cattery of Excellence,” meeting our standards in breeding philosophy, cleanliness, providing a health guarantee on every kitten, and being customer-focused.