The Drinkwell Pet Fountain is a system that promises to provide your cat with a self-contained, continous waterfall. The system includes an internal filter that keeps the running water fresh and aerates it. The Drinkwell Pet Fountain was developed by a veterinarian and the manufacturer also claims that the system helps to prevent urinary tract-related problems.

Veterinary Ventures manufactures the Drinkwell Pet Fountain and they run the ad pictured here, affirming that “Cats Prefer Running Water!”

The Drinkwell Pet Fountain was upgraded in 1999. These modifications have completely replaced the previous model (which was previously reviewed on RCN). The current model is reviewed here. This review reflects the product that Veterinary Ventures currently delivers to all customers.

Our Review:

The Drinkwell Pet Fountain sold today differs – almost completely – to the original version sold prior to 1999. Like the original model, the new Drinkwell Pet Fountain provides your cats with a continously moving waterfall. The unit filters and aerates the moving water to keep it much fresher than any standing bowl.

Veterinary Ventures also suggests that the Drinkwell Pet Fountain satisfies the urge for running water that many cats experience and thereby helps to eliminate many cats from jumping on counters in search of dripping faucets. “Cats Prefer Running Water”, this is the original slogan of the Pet Fountain. The new slogan is, “Your Cat’s Own Waterfall of Health & Fun.”

Our review of the new and improved Drinkwell Pet Fountain put us face to face with an exceptional product. One of the most appealing improvements? The fountain’s physical looks. The original version consisted of dull, gray and black components. The motor and filtering compartments looked exactly like those found in ordinary fish tanks.

With a smoother, cleaner design, the new Pet Fountain is designed to look like a state-of-the-arts fountain. It’s soothing, light blue/aqua color make it much more presentable in any room of your home.

More than just looking better, the new fountain also arrives with a series of welcomed features. With the new fountain, you are able to control the waterflow using an easy to operate switch. Also, this unit has no detachable tubes or hoses. Assembly is very easy; and so is cleansing. This version is also quiter than the original. Water now falls onto a ramp in the bowl which reduces noise and splashing.

The original fountain had two inherently serious problems that have been addressed and solved with the new version. Because of its new design, when power is lost – there will be no overflow of water. And, when the power returns, the new mechanism will automatically restart the fountain – instead of letting the motor burn out dry.


The new Drinkwell Pet Fountain is an exceptional accesory to further spoil your cat(s)! Optional accesories – such as charcoal filters, and an additional 6 cup capacity water tank (pictured on the left) – add to the excellent value this fountain offers!

We found that the new pet fountain included more detailed and helpful instructions. Diagrams and insightful hints made assembly especially easy. And, cautionary notes on regular filter changing and fountain cleaning were included to assure safety, avoid health problems in cats, and keep the fountain running trouble-free for years to come.

With many refreshing improvements, Veterinary Ventures has come a long way in making an original idea into a premium water supply for all cats to enjoy! Designed and engineered by a veterinarian, the Drinkwell Water Fountain is a great way of maintaining the urinary tract health of all cats by providing fresh, aerated, filtered water.