Welcome to our Breeder Referral System. Also, congratulations on considering or deciding to welcome a Ragdoll Cat into your home. Very soon after your new “family” member arrives, you will understand and share in our excitement . . . you will know why Ragdolls have been called “the sweetest cats in the world.”

Below, you will find the very best breeders in the country. These breeders have registered with us and have provided the required information about their catteries to be on our system.
All of the breeders below have agreed to take the time to speak with you and answer your questions about Ragdolls candidly. They have provided references to us about their catteries, and they are all registered with TICA, The International Cat Association. Most are registered with RFCI – the Ragdoll Fanciers Club International too.

RCN employs the use of an extensive verification system. Prior to being listed in our directory, every breeder must meet our standards for being customer-focused and for employing ethical, breeding practices. Breeders don’t list themselves on RCN. They must submit an application and be accepted.

Our main goal is to provide a with the best sources to get your very own Ragdoll kitten. Because we are selective, you can feel at ease with dealing with any of the breeders listed below.

Indeed, you are in the right place – if you are even begining the process of getting a Ragdoll kitten of your own. Go no further than where you are right now!

The Internet is loaded with websites regarding Ragdoll cats. Ours has been around since 1996. We have stood the test of time. And so have our breeders. Remember, too, that RCN is not run or operated by a Ragdoll cat breeder – as most other websites are. Here, we have no alternative interests other than getting you connected with the best source for your future Ragdoll kitten to derive from. A Ragdoll kitten that will live up to the Ragdoll name in every possible way!

These breeders should stand out in your mind because they have taken an extra step to assure us all that they are serious, caring and devoted to bettering the Ragdoll breed. Breeders listed with RCN for 12 months or longer – with an excellent history – and customer compliments – may also receive our Cattery of Excellence star award.
If any breeder listed below falls short of your expectations, as outlined above, please let us know immediately. Every complaint will be addressed seriously and professionally. Please click-on the “Send E-Mail” icon below to alert us to any such events.

Due to our strict guidelines and authentication process, you can feel comfortable doing business with any of the breeders listed here. This is the foundation of our Breeder Referral’s success. Through our breeders, hundreds of Ragdoll kittens have been placed in loving homes – just like yours!

Always keep in mind that where your kitten originates from will determine its temperament, disposition and set up the framework for the rest of its life. A good start always begins at the breeder’s place. Please don’t overlook this very important fact as you go on your search!

Best wishes & once again, thank you for considering a Ragdoll kitten as your special companion! We are delighted that you are using our Breeder Referral System to connect with the best breeders available!