Kentucky Ragdolls

Lori McLaughlin, Breeder
(502) 423-7857

You will see beautiful, cuddly Ragdoll kittens and cats upon arriving! They will greet you with love. Where? At Kentucky Ragdolls - the Kreme of Kentucky Kitties, in Louisville, Kentucky. Breeder Lori McLaughlin cordially welcomes you!

Kentucky Ragdolls has an exceptional breeding program. The Ragdolls have full run of the house here. Plus, Lori sees to it that each kitten receives tender loving care - this is done by her and her family.

An extremely caring and well informed breeder, Lori has also been an active member of RCN since our start in 1996. A true expert on the breed and a wonderful supporter of our website.

Friendly, cuddly, warm, and gorgeous are all words to describe the Ragdolls at this cattery. Ragdolls that leave this breeder will be ready to integrate themselves with your family and steal your heart! Clear, deep, blue eyes, soft coats, and forth-coming despositions all are all evident in every kitten that leaves this cattery.

Lori places special attention on developing her kittens' temperaments. These Ragdolls actually want to be with you! Plus, every kitten is raised with Lori's family - they are handled and socialized every day - so these kittens are surrounded by love from the day they are born.

All of these key elements contribute to every Kentucky Ragdoll kitten being truly special - ready to share "Ragdoll Magic" with you and your family.

This cattery is virtually immaculate. Kittens are raised in a large, clean, bright house - full of love and attention - all of which help to guarantee that you will get a Ragdoll kitten which will truly live up to its name.

Lori is a charming person and her love for the breed is very obvious. She can be wonderful resource for you - should you have any questions or concerns. Lori has always been a part of RCN, sharing her insights and knowledge within our online WebBoard System.

Lori's breeding program is carefully made up of Ragdoll cats coming from some of the best bloodlines - assuring you that this cattery is 100% Ragdoll and completely healthy.

Ragdoll cats are excellent companions. And a Ragdoll kitten from Kentucky Ragdolls will prove to be a dream come true for you. If you are seeking a warm, fuzzy, friendly, and loving Ragdoll baby of your own - be sure to contact Lori - you can't go wrong!

Kentucky Ragdolls is a Ragdoll Connection Network "Cattery of Excellence," meeting our standards in breeding philosophy, cleanliness, providing a health guarantee on every kitten, and being customer-focused.

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